A Contractor Specializing in Streamlining Your Project

Ensuring Your Commercial Property Development Progresses Smoothly

A Contractor Specializing in Streamlining Your Project

Ensuring Your Commercial Property Development Progresses Smoothly

Commercial Contracting and Construction Management Experts

Hiring the right general contracting company to handle your commercial property developments effectively can be difficult. Fortunately, HV Realty Services, Inc. in New York has a team of experienced professionals who can oversee your construction process seamlessly. You can rely on our experts to assist in the successful completion of your building project.

What We Offer

Our company provides clients with comprehensive project and construction management services. Some of our responsibilities are:

  • Approving All Change Orders
  • Assuring Compliance to Project Budget
  • Conducting Field Inspections of Project Progress
  • Coordinating Owner and Tenant Concerns
  • Coordinating With the Development Team
  • Establishing and Maintaining the Project Schedule
  • Obtaining Necessary Permits
  • Obtaining Occupancy Certificates
  • Placing the Building in Service
  • Preparing Punch-Lists
  • Reviewing and Approving All Contractors and Subcontractors’ Bids
  • Scheduling and Attending Inspections
  • Scheduling and Directing All Development Team Meetings
  • Troubleshooting Design and Construction Projects

Our Qualifications

Competent Professionals

At HV Realty Services, Inc., all our construction project managers are fully certified. Our supervisors also have an OSHA 30 certification, and every subcontractor is licensed in their respective trades.

Complying With Strict Guidelines

The US Army Corps of Engineers has certified our project managers as contractors and quality control officers.

We adhere to DOD project standards, which require the general contractor to have personnel on staff perform all quality control inspections, approve submittals, and coordinate shop drawings.

In addition, we make sure that the Care Quality Commission officer attends an initial training program, passes the exam, becomes rated after every project, attends continuing educational training, and obtains recertification every five years.

Safety Above All

We believe that education is the most effective tool contractors have to keep the job site safe and protect workers from injury.

That is why we make sure that all members of our staff were trained and certified by OSHA in construction safety and health.

You can trust us to plan and execute every part of the project safely.

About Our Team

HV Realty Service, Inc. upholds our project staff and their team member to high degree of professionalism. Our company allows qualified individuals only to work on our client's projects, such as:

  • Certified Construction Project Managers
  • Supervisors Who Have Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30 Certification
  • Subcontractors Who Are Licensed in Their Respective Trades

Mission Statement

When you choose to work with HV Realty Services, Inc. for your construction project, we promise to bring a higher level of competency to your project.

From cost estimation to final delivery, we can provide you with the construction management and general contracting services that you need.

We keep in contact with you, our clients, through every phase of the project to keep you up-to-date on milestones and next steps — making sure that there are no unexpected surprises along the way, so you can be confident that everything is being handled expertly.

HV Realty Services, Inc. is a team of certified construction managers, licensed contractors, and other expert professionals who will help deliver your project on time and budget while exceeding your expectations.

Our goal is to bring a higher level of competency to every aspect of your project by providing you with the same services you would find at a national firm with the personalized touch you want from a local contractor, all at competitive pricing.

Contact us today to get a quote on the services that you need for your commercial project.

Our Promise

As a General Contractor

HV Realty Services, Inc. strives to ensure that the development process
progresses smoothly. Our proactive professionals will endeavor to perform the following:

  • Plan and Maintain the Project Schedule
  • Evaluate and Approve Contractors and Subcontractors Bids
  • Make Sure That the Project Is on Budget
  • Conduct Field Inspections
  • Resolve Design and Construction Problems
  • Schedule and Attend External Inspections
  • Review and Approve All Potential Changes in the Construction Order
  • Coordinate Concerns of the Owner or Tenant
  • Prepare Detailed Punch-Lists
  • Obtain Certificates of Occupancy
  • Place the Building in Service After Completion

As a Development Consultant

We will provide sound and objective advice to owners and developers who plan to
take an active role in the development process. Our company can offer
professional consulting services for their project, including:

  • Provide Input on the Concept, Design, Site Analysis, and Selection of Properties
  • Review Real Estate Contracts
  • Evaluate Existing Market Analysis Paperwork
  • Review Cost and Analysis Documents and Pro Formas
  • Analyze Contractors Bid in Assisting the Entitlement or Permitting
  • Evaluate Marketing or Leasing Plan

Get in Touch

Reach out to us today for general contracting services.

We look forward to assisting you in your commercial construction project soon.