About Us

A Dependable Commercial Contractor at Your Service

HV Realty Services, Inc. is a reputable business in Central Valley, New York that offers general contracting work and construction management services. We are committed to finishing our commercial clients’ projects within their planned budget and schedule.

Creating Partnerships That Build Value

Our company works with landowners who wish to optimize the use of their holdings. We assist them in maximizing their profit from their real estate by creating the right combination of homes, amenities, and other additions in their lot. These developments help increase the value of their properties and leave a positive impact on the community.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Extensive Experience

In the past, we have created detailed pro formas that determined the best and most profitable use of land. Our team made these documents by thoroughly evaluating market conditions, real estate competition, and property location.

We utilize this knowledge to arrange business deals with our clients. These transactions aim to provide capital and assume risk as needed to structure a viable community.

An Option for Owner Representation

Our company can act as your representative and fee developer to handle all your responsibilities as a property owner during the development process. We will communicate with you and keep you updated on the progress of the project. All you need is to settle a detailed agreement with us to specify the extent of authority and duties that you will be assigning our team.

A Network of Connections to Streamline the Construction Process

We have established professional relationships with service providers,
contractors, and government officials that aid us in
ensuring a successful construction phase.

Thorough Project and Construction Management Services

Our general contracting company offers to manage commercial building sites or
entire construction projects. From start to finish, we will meticulously oversee
the development process, including:

  • Coordinating With the Teams Involved
  • Establishing and Maintaining the Time Schedule
  • Updating the Owner on the Project’s Status
  • Obtaining Necessary Documents and Work Permits
  • Approving Subcontractor Bids While Staying on Budget
  • Performing Field Inspections to Gauge the Project’s Progress
  • Resolving Design and Construction Problems
  • Scheduling and Attending Official Quality Inspections
  • Addressing the Concerns of the Owner or Tenant
  • Preparing In-Depth Punch Lists

We will also form a highly competent team of contractors, architects,
and other professionals to work on the engineering side of your property development.
They are tasked to do the following:

  • Carry Out Activities That Finalize the Project’s Plan and Meet Its Market
  • Obtain All Important Paperwork
  • Build Public and Government Support for the Project
  • Attract Prospective Tenants or Purchasers
  • Arrange Construction Debt or Equity Documents for the Project (As Required)
  • Prepare the Project for Construction Work